Solo exhibition, Galería Gabriela Mistral, Santiago, Chile. LED lights, tensile architecture, 8x2mt. Photographs by Cristián Barahona.
Light installation in collaboration with Paulina Villalobos. Chile is the longest country on Earth. If we draw a line from Arica to Antartica, it measures 8.000 km in length. It comprehends the most amount of latitudes in the world, therefore the duration of the sunset in each one of them differs in duration and tone. In the far north of the country, at the Atacama Desert, the sunsets last only thirty minutes and are mostly blue. In the central area of the country the sunsets are mostly pink and orange. In the south, at Patagonia they last four hours and are mostly gold-yellow, red and violet. In Antartica during the winter solstice the sunset lasts twelve hours. The installation is an horizon showing a lighting sequence succession of colors at a Chilean sunset. The investigation of the luminosity of Chile started at the artist in residency Casa Poli, Coliumo, Chile in collaboration with Triangular Project.